Metric Visual Demo Reel 2017


Comprised both of recent work by Metric Visual as well as past work by some of our current designers



FranchiseHelp Service Explainer Video (B2B)
A video to help FranchiseHelp's account executives explain their innovative leadgen tech to prospective franchise clients

Fake Ad for Youtube App Update
An exploration on what a new Youtube app update might look like, portrayed in a promo video explaining its new features

FranchiseHelp Service Explainer Video (B2C)
A video to excite aspiring entrepreneurs to own their own business and take FranchiseHelp's franchise-matching quiz

FranchiseHelp Video Ad
An ad offering a chance at a new career as a franchisee to those who have become discontent with their current jobs



Metric Collective, the parent company of Metric Visual, operates multiple startups that provide tech and marketing solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses, franchise corporations, and owners of individual franchise locations.



Metric Visual is an animation and design studio that was originally established as an internal department to provide content for Metric Collective’s subsidiaries, such as web design, branding, video, product explainer animations, display ads, and video ads.







Introduce your product

Explain the problem
your goods or services solve
and why you’re the best!



Educate your customers

Highlight specific features
or publish tutorials on how to get
the most out of your product!



Advertise with
video ads

Short ads on Facebook
and Youtube will increase your
conversion and brand recall!



better internally

Add motion to your data
and presentations to more clearly
express your ideas and results!



Bring your
content to life

Animated GIF icons and
banners in emails, website, and
posts are more eye-catching!



Adapt your
written content

Transform your most popular
articles and blog posts into a fun
video to get even more views!



Entertain your viewers

We also provide narrative
animation for games, television,
web-series, and films!



Have a different need?

Get in touch and let’s talk
about what type of animation
you need for your project!






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Manhattan location.

In the heart of Greenwich Village
and just steps from NYU.

Metric Visual
159 Bleecker Street, #2C
New York, NY 10012